American English to Parseltongue Translator

Parseltongue has 47 characters. The words are made of this alphabet.
Parseltongue is in third person. The only exceptions are pronouns of 2+ people. So we, your (the plural form), our, etc. are in this list. Be careful to not write "your" referring to only one person, because it will translate the plural form of your. TO SEARCH FOR A PLURAL WORD, FIRST TRY PUTTING (pl) AT THE END OF THE WORD BEFORE TRYING JUST THE PLURAL FORM OF THE WORD.
This only works for present tense (for now). For past tense, add -sse to the end of any verb in the tense. For future tense, add -ssa to the end of any verb in the tense. THE TRANSLATOR DOES NOT WORK WITH FUTURE TENSE. Due to the nature of how future tense is written in English, there is no good way to make the translator work properly with future tense words. If you are using a verb in the future tense, just add -ssa to the end of the word, and delete any additional words needed to make that verb future tense in English. For example, "will try" directly translates to "Ssiishiishjssa Hsiihsl." To correctly write this phrase, delete the "will" (Ssiishiishjssa) and add -ssa to the end of the "try" (Hsiihsl). Your final word should be "Hsiihslssa."
Plural words add -shs to the end. Possessive words add -sss to the end. For plural and possessive words, plural is written and then possessive, so -shssss would be the ending.
The comparative endings -er and -est add -shu and -shushu to the end of the modified word respectively.
An -ing ending adds -hsr to the end.
To turn a word into an adverb, add -ssl to the end of the word.   For numbers, writing the word form of the number works much better than the numerical form. For example, one thousand two hundred fifty nine will translate, but 1,259 will not. It will translate 1-10, 100, 1000, 1000000, 1000000000, and 1000000000000 in numerical form. No other numerical form translations will be written. The word forms work from zero up to 999,999,999,999,999. If you require a number larger than that, leave a comment and I will add the next set of word forms.
PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ABOUT WHICH WORDS YOU WOULD LIKE ADDED TO THE TRANSLATION LIST. There are many missing at the moment. I will be updating the list regularly, so you can expect the words to be added in a timely manner.
Updated - 3/2/24

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