Ancient Valenian Text (w/ Rev Trans)

English to Ancient & Forgotten Valenian

Convert standard English into Ancient Valenian, an abundance of shapes and symbols.
Ancient Valenian was a written language for those in Valens - commonly learned alongside a language from Earth - naturally English or Spanish, but not limited to them. AV was made to assist the concept of communication and reinforce its effectiveness. Rare is it to see someone who can read and write Ancient Valenian now, but even rarer is it that someone can fluently write it.
One of the common individuals who can easily understand Ancient Valenilight is Delta. He commonly writes classified information in AV, as the only others who can easily understand are Talon -- Delta's boss and overall head of Valenilight -- and David -- D-1 and brother to Delta. Other VL members can understand short chunks and phrases, but some words are their own unique symbols.
(This language is heavily inspired by Wingdings, and the overall concept of pictograms as a whole)
Valenian is a non-real language, also being entirely unique to stories I make. However, if you do happen to use it, please send how to! I'd love to see it. -H

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