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Type in any message, and the being on the other side may or may not respond. Try starting off by saying hello, or just hi.

This is a translator I made thats not really a translator, but more of a game?? Well, basically you just type in a message, and the creature on the other end may or may not respond. If you want to know what the creature is, try asking! I went ahead and put some things down below that you can ask if you are stuck. There will be more than those ones, though! So keep trying!! (IF YOU FIND ANY BUGS PLEASE TELL ME!! ALSO, SUGGESTIONS ARE APPRECIATED! THANK YOU!) If you want to suggest any messages or report any bugs, please ask me using the thing above. or, you can also contact me on discord for more important/urgent messages. my discord is: the_void_system019 I will not answer you right away, because i do not have a phone, i use a computer. so please have patience with me. thank you!! ::::::::) Example messages to try: "Hello", "who are you?", "what are you?", "Do you support therians?", "::)", ":::)", "::::::::)", "I am happy", "I am depression", "I am depressed", "are you ok?", "i feel sad.", "AAAAAAAAAAAA", "OH NO! THE TABLE! ITS BROKEN!", "help me rickroll someone", "im gay", "i am a therian", "im aroace"

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