Khazalid Translator

Restauration of the old tongue

Seems like the other translator is quite dead or broken. I shall try Go recreate it and improve it. I try to add Synonyms to the official list where applicable. Still The Phrase „Flash of Light“ might need to be changed to „like Lightning“ to make sense, yet „Lightning and Thunder“ would literally be „Dron un Dron“. (Mind you, the sound Crack does not have a Translation so there is no Synonym for Thunder, sorry.) I‘ll start with the translations, then add phrases and after that maybe Suffixes and Prefixes. Some Specific Terms like Gibal (=Food fragments in the Beard of a Dwarf) I‘ll translate more broadly (this case being Krumbs). Terms that are Dwarf specific (like Gnollengrom=Respect for a Dwarfs longer, thicker and more spectacular beard) that lack a sufficient English translation will not get translated… sorry Most Verbs are yet to be conjugated. To be, to go however are. It is a WIP.

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