Romanian to Cyrillic Romanian (pre-1830 version) translator

Romanian to Cyrillic Romanian (pre-1830)

This transcribes modern Romanian to Cyrillic Romanian The "Ch" (C+e/i in Romanian) sound is made by entering the letter Č/č. For the sound by combining G with e or i in Romanian, you use the letters Ğ/ğ. The letter groups Che, Chi, Ghe, Ghi, Ce, Ci, Ge and Gi are also implemented in this translator but for ch sounds you need to use č and for the gh sounds you need to use ğ. Uppercase Щ is # and lowercase щ is $. You can copy all needed symbols from the description (the one that you are reading right now). For Ѕ and ѕ use _ and &. For Ѣ and ѣ use Æ and æ. For Ю, ю, Ѧ and ѧ use - + / and *. For Ѱ and ѱ use : and ;. For Ꙟ ꙟ use ī, ĩ, į or í.

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